What would it look like if we could not only travel to places of longing in our minds but if we could flexibly decide by means of our clothing whenever and wherever we want to break out of this role? What if we were prepared for any weather and any situation in our life?
Coding Paradise is a transformative collection that enables just that. Inspired by the subculture of hackers, who live in anonymity like no other, one side of the fashion shows itself in muted tones and technocratic peculiarities - until it is changed: turned around, flipped, locks open and close. We are facing another piece of clothing; we dive into another world. A world that is characterized by the diversity of Hawaiian nature, culture and the colorful impressions of a trip there.

NEO Fashion, Berlin Fashion Week

Fashion Show University of Applied Science Bielefeld 2020

Lookbook/Editorial photos (c) Ola Rebisz
Models: Moh Kanim, Kim Lasche, Nora Schmitz, Iris

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