I find the elixir of my creative work in inspirations from culture, art and sociology. The translation of my research into impressive colour compositions and prints is always an important step in my design process.
My MA collection 'Coding Paradise' focuses on the functionally sustainable character of clothing and how it can adapt to human needs through transformation, or - contrary to the concept of classic clothing - how it can dissolve into  rudimentary details and decorative drapings. The tension between 'good taste - bad taste' and the inclusion of a computer aesthetic, which is defined by the subculture of hackers, led to a style that I would call 'post-digital functional chic' and which is significant for my creative way of working.
I completed my BA (2016) and MA (2019) in Bielefeld, where I also worked as a lecturer at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences till Febuary 2020. I am self-employed in the field of printing since 2016.
/Winner Fashion Award Bielefeld 2020 'Best MA Collection'
/Nominee Wilhelm Lorch Foundation Award 2020 
/Finalist European Fashion Award FASH 2018

For CV, portfolio or cooperation  please contact me.

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